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    The Library

    Post by Dan/naD wilshire on Mon Apr 12, 2010 5:54 am

    The library is a communal place when you can read a short story, or be given study information.

    Story section: you will be able to mail me a short story you have written and have it published in the library. You can also read stories that other people have asked to be published. Publication is free of charge to all members of the academy.

    Study books: these cost £5 (or ?5 in any currency) and these can only be released when i am given the all clear by the teacher. No all the information will be in the books because otherwise you would be able to cheat. But the study books are the give you the rough guidelines to each part of the subject you are taking.

    I hope to get lots of you giving in short stories for me to publish for you. Good luck, and i hope to see you in the academy.

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